Gnawa spirit crosses the ancient desert, and sails to ths island in East Asia.ailing from Seoul, Korea.

Omar & The Eastern Power are a live music band based in Korea inspired by world music, especially music of the Sahel, North African grooves and other influences like Dub and Afro Beat. The band members come from Morocco, Egypt and Korea. Each band member has different musical and social backgrounds which have direct influences on their music. Omar (Morocco) and Wael (Egypt) left their home countries in north Africa 10 years ago, since then they have experienced various different cultures, lifestyles and music. The band formed when they crossed paths in Korea, it was without question that their intentions were the same. Omar had a couple of songs that he wrote and Wael put rhythms to them then the ship was sailing. Afterwards Korean Guitarist Oh Jinwoo and Bassist Tehiun joined the band, the music became more balanced and the band's spectrum widened into a unique musical fusion. In a globalized world where people can travel and live in different societies it's important not to put yourself in a box and play just one kind of music. The genre of the Eastern Power is a reflection of the musicians' life and their experience as migrants in a foreign country with
all the happiness, sadness, hard work and love that this requires. The band's debut Album "Walking Miles" was released in 2018. The songs were written by Omar Benassila and express his personal experiences. The other three band members played an important part in the arrangement and production of the album.