Kingston Rudieska  (킹스턴 루디스카)


 Korea’s authentic ska pioneers, KINGSTON RUDIESKA, bring a smile to faces and a shine to dancing shoes worldwide!. The 9 piece wins fans wherever they go―be it festival stages, small clubs, national TV, the big screen or over the course of 4 full albums and several EPs. The band celebrated it’s 16th anniversary in 2020.

Although South Korea is about as far from Jamaica as a country could be, that hasn't prevented authentic Jamaican music, namely ska and reggae, from reaching her shores. The nine-piece ska band Kingston Rudieska filter and fuse ska, jazz, reggae, dub and nyahbinghi through the Korean experience. Korea's first traditional ska band, Kingston Rudieska, has been paying respect to the roots since they began in 2004. The nine- piece band blends bluebeat ska, jazz, reggae, dub, and nyahbinghi chanting into a final product that is uniquely Korean; something the band has dubbed "Feast Ska." Their shows mix foot-stomping instrumentals- fronted by a four-piece hornsection - with warm, soulful vocal features. One of Kingston Rudieska’s strengths has always been a willingness to experiment and improvise with the ska and reggae genres, staying true to their Jamaican influences while often infusing their music with a uniquely Korean twist.