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이용약관 / 개인정보취급방법 / 사업자정보확인 / 사업자등록번호: 210-02-61312 / 사업자등록증 / 상호: 동양표준음향사  / 주소: 서울시 노해로33다길  / 전화번호:82-10-2648-4341


태히언 (Tae Tehiun Kim) 의 세번째 풀렝쓰 앨범 '선셋마당'.

뿌리자 레코드/ 동양표준음향사 배급 (카셋트 테잎 300매 한정)


released March 18, 2017

sunset madang _ Made in Jeju Tehiun

side A
1. eastwind intro* 2:08
2. 四友歌 (four of my man) 4:38 3. the calling 1:53
4. the first sunset 3:26
5. eastwind fisherman* 4:13
6. old song and my life** 4:16

side B
1. eastwind* 17:44

*feat. Omar and the Eastern Power **feat. Sugar Sukyuel
produced by Tehiun

recorded by Kyungduk Kang at Lamp Studio,
Omar’s Place,
나무꽃 Studio by Tehiun at Purijah Studio
mixed and mastered by Kyungduk Kang at Lamp Studio, Jeju Island, South Korea
video by Jaewon Shin at ABT cover art by Eunha Lee
photo by Jaewon Shin, Eunha Lee designed by leehaam at ssqq
c&p 2017 Purijah Records manufactured by ssqq

distributed by Eastern Standard Sounds all rights reserved. made in Jeju, Korea.

태히언- 선셋마당 Tape